Isolated by language barriers, nearly 200 million people still wait for God to speak to them in their own language. Wycliffe missionaries live among the people, learn their language, translate the Scriptures and share God’s love.

Missionaries and Christians at home are ordinary people working together to complete the task. Continued progress depends on the partnership of those at home who supply the prayer and finances necessary for each missionary. Together they share in the eternal results of lives changed by the living Word of God.

No Wycliffe Missionary-whether at home or overseas–receives a guaranteed salary. Each looks to God to provide the funds for living costs and work expenses. God provides through His people who choose to become partners in the task of Bible Translation.

Prayer Partners are those who commit themselves to pray regularly on a personal level for their missionary and their needs. Please let us know if you are praying for us. We would love to give you up-to-date prayer requests in our paper newsletters or in email updates.

Financial Partners are those who commit themselves to invest financially with their missionary so that together they minister to people. Some give monthly, some quarterly, and others once a year. Some give only when God provides them extra. All gifts are receipted immediately.

  •  You can do it on-line if you want by visiting this page on the Wycliffe website. Our number is 221253 and our location is “PNG”.
  •  Another option is to send a check to Wycliffe, and on a separate piece of paper, express your interest in the ministry of John & Bonnie Nystrom. Here’s the address:
Wycliffe Bible Translators
PO Box 628200
Orlando FL 32682-8200
  • Some of our partners find it convenient to set up a monthly automatic Electronic Funds Transfer. To set one up or to change an existing one, call 1-800-WYCLIFFE, ext. 3696, or email

You can always call 1-800-WYCLIFFE if you need help with any of this.

Interested Friends give encouragement and moral support through the letters, cards, emails, and phone calls. You can find our contact information here. We also have some practical needs you may be able to help with.

Advocates provide an opportunity for us to share about our ministry. Through these meetings others may come to partner with us through one of the means listed above. An advocate could be someone who just shares about our work with their friends. They might help get us an invitation to share in their church, Sunday school, Bible Study, or just in their home.

Contact us if you want more details on partnering with us or if you want to be added to our newsletter and/or our email prayer updates list.