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John and Bonnie Nystrom

God's Word is for everybody, and everybody needs to have it in the language that speaks to their heart. That's what we're all about. 


We began working in Arop village in 1988. In 1998, a tsunami killed a third of the population. The Lord then led us to expand the translation project to include 10 more languages in the area. You can view the Wycliffe film about this or read our book. 


Since 2001 we have been assisting local pastors from 11 languages as they translate the Bible. 

Since 2011 John does that work from the US  about 11 months a year as we care for our aging parents. Each February he works with the translators in person, conducting "final checking" on books that are almost ready to publish. 


As long as the Lord enables us, we plan to continue working with the translators, assisting in the design and testing of translation software, and leading in whatever way we are asked. 

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