Giving directly to the project

We have two types of funding:

Our personal support

Our personal support comes from friends and churches. It provides for our personal and ministry needs. When we were working in one language, the whole translation project was supported through our personal support. When we began working in eleven languages, this model was no longer viable because of the large costs involved.

Funding for the project

This funding is entirely separate from our personal support. Project funds provide everything needed to run the translation workshops and other aspects of the translation project, including wages for the experienced translators who are leading the project, and any equipment the translators need.

If our ministry is to help the project, what’s the difference? For example, if Bonnie or I need a new computer, that comes from our personal support. If the translators need a new computer, it comes from project funds.

The leftovers

From time to time, the Aitape West Translation Project has specific needs that are not met through our normal project funding. When this happens, it is better to contribute directly to the project rather than through our personal account. You can do this o-line here or by sending a check to Wycliffe at the address below and on a separate piece of paper designating it for the:


“Aitape West Translation Project, IPR# PCA-1134.” 

Wycliffe’s address:

Wycliffe Bible Translators
PO Box 628200
Orlando FL 32862-8200


The project is currently in need of:

* Used netbook computers. If it still works, we can probably use it.
* Skype headsets for translators to use when we work “live” across the Internet.

Contact us if you want more details.

All of the above is information about contributing to the project. If you want to help us with our personal support, the information on that is here. If you are interested in helping with current practical needs, there’s info on that here.