She had to have it in her own language


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She had to have it in her own language. When our teammates travelled to her Malol-speaking village during their “walkabout” in February and March, this Malol woman spent an hour pouring over a copy of Luke-Acts in her language. Eventually she came up with the money to buy it. She said she had to have it in her own language. This Easter, please pray for her, and for others like her, that their recent encounters with Jesus in their own languages won’t be a temporary experience, but a growing relationship with the One who came to die for us all and rose again.

The translators did not have time to translate 1 John in their recent workshop. Please pray for Ben Pehrson, Emil Ninkure, Pastor Peter Marokiki, and me as we continue to improve the Arop translation of 1-3 John so it can be translated into the other languages in their June translation workshop.

Yes, we’re still renovating a house here in Florida. In early May we need to move my translation office to Wisconsin for the summer so we can help my parents there. We had hoped to move into our house before leaving for Wisconsin, but that has not happened. We’re now hoping to move into it when we return to Florida for a short visit in early June. Let us know if you will be in Florida and would like to help.

May you have a blessed Easter. As we say in Arop, Krais usia aipisieiyn! Christ is risen indeed!

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