Praise the Lord for His abundant answer to prayer for the Aitape West translators’ retreat this past week. Our partner Mandy Pehrson shared on her blog, “All glory goes to God. He filled us up with wonderful spiritual food and fellowship this week. If God lays it on your heart, please be praying for the men and women of the Aitape West Translation Project, as they have received God’s Word this week. May it take hold and bear fruit in their lives, and may they be salt and light in their communities.

You can read the rest of her report of the retreat and see more photos here.

And look at all those translators, wives and children. What a blessing it is for us to be part of what God is doing in their lives, their marriages, their families, and their language communities as they continue their in-depth encounter with God’s Word!

While that was happening on the north coast of  Papua New Guinea, I finished my first round of checking on 1 and 2 John here on the west coast of Florida. Please pray for Ben Pehrson, translators Emil Ninkure and Pastor Peter Marokiki, and me as we work together during the next week or two to get at least the first chapter of 1 John completely ready for the other translators in the other languages to use as their starting point during the workshop that starts Monday. John’s epistles present some very difficult translation challenges, and we want to use them as an opportunity to help the translators to work even more collaboratively on their translations.

Please also pray that Ben and the team will be able to sort out the severe problems they are having with the electrical system at our translation center in Arop village

Yes, we’re still renovating a house we hope to move into soon. Would you pray it will be completed soon? We would love to move into it in early April. Let us know if you will be in Florida and would like to help. We hope to start painting by next weekend and could use lots of help!


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