Is Bible Translation worth the effort?

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About this time last year, we reported that 1,967 languages had a likely need for Scripture and had no translation project in process. The number is down to 1,919 now. That is something to celebrate because we know the numbers represent real people who need the Savior whose coming we celebrate at Christmas, but struggle to understand His Good News filtered through somebody else’s language.

Until we went to Papua New Guinea, I had never met anybody who didn’t have the Bible available in a language they understand well. I knew, in theory, that our work would be important. Now I work with Papua New Guinean pastors who make incredible sacrifices to spend most of their time translating God’s Word into their languages because they believe it is the one absolutely essential ingredient they need for effective ministry to their people. To them, it’s not a theory; it’s an urgent need

Thank you for helping us help them.

If you take 3.5 minutes to meet some of the translators we work with in this video, I think you’ll agree: helping them is worth whatever it takes. 

This week please pray for Arop translator Emil Ninkure and me as we try to make final changes to Titus and Philemon. 


Serving our King together,

John Nystrom

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