Giggles of Joy

Giggles of Joy: Leonie Peter giggles with joy as she exclaims “It’s my language, it’s my language.”

Leonie Peter  (center) is Pastor Peter Marokiki’s wife. She has stood by Pastor Peter for more than 20 years as he has translated the New Testament into his language—Arop. She can understand Arop and even read a little bit of it, but her mother tongue is Bauni Barupu. On the night that we were printing the Bauni Barupu trial copies of Luke, our coworker Beth Fuller (left)  brought one and sat down with her and her daughter Bonnie (named after my Bonnie).  I came with my camera to capture the moment when I saw Leonie’s brilliant smile.
When Beth started reading Luke to her in the Bauni Barupu language, Leonie started giggling. Beth thought maybe her pronunciation was bad, and asked Leonie why she was laughing. Leonie just kept saying, “It’s my language, it’s my language!” She wasn’t giggling because of Beth’s pronunciation; she was tickled to hear the Word of God in her language! Praise God that soon Luke will be available in nine languages, including Leonie’s. PDF version